Joining the Hallé, globally-famed Radiohead guitarist and composer, Jonny Greenwood, emulates his Glastonbury performance of Reich’s Electric Counterpoint.

Reich’s iconic Clapping Music, its instrument just human hands, starts this not-to-be-missed event. Runner formed a double premiere at Covent Garden in 2016, when the Royal Ballet danced Wayne McGregor’s Multiverse to the score which the New York Times described as ‘a calmly luminous orchestral piece.’ The Four Sections refers both to the four orchestral families and its four varied movements, Reich creating a contrapuntal web filled with melodic patterns. The recent Reich/Richter was conceived as a concert work, as well as music for the film Moving Picture (946-3) by visual artist, Gerhard Richter. Reich found his inspiration in the pulsating, color shifting, glowing stripes of the film’s opening sequence.