Following on from the success of Hallé SHINE on Manchester’s creative music programme, which from 2012 to 2018 impacted the lives of over 2000 children and its benefits recognised by schools and families across the region, we are delighted to bring Hallé Inspire to the Hallé’s Core Programme.

Hallé Inspire is a long-term partnership programme with primary schools that aims to raise aspirations and expectations in communities across Greater Manchester that do not generally engage with the Hallé. Children taking part in the programme often face daily challenges such as social and economic disadvantages, low engagement, low motivation and poor behaviour. By using music as a creative tool Hallé Inspire promotes positive attitudes to learning, helps develop life skills and motivation, and deepens the children’s learning and understanding in a range of curriculum areas.

Each term two Hallé musicians work with selected classes or groups of children and deliver creative music workshops based on a specific curriculum area/theme chosen by the participating school. To encourage families to engage positively in their children’s learning, parents and carers are invited to school to watch the children perform their music compositions at the end of each term. The children also showcase aspects of other curriculum learning linking to the chosen theme. During these performance opportunities children develop self-confidence and the ability to work as part of a team. Children are also invited to attend a Hallé for Youth concert at The Bridgewater Hall to hear and see ‘their’ musicians working with the whole orchestra.

Hallé musicians have been working in four primary schools located in Manchester, Salford, Tameside and Trafford.

By working in and with schools we are spreading the word that the Hallé is an orchestra for all who wish to engage with it. The Hallé musicians offer inspiration and aspiration, create positive role models and open young eyes to other possibilities and opportunities beyond their immediate community.