Hallé Impresarios is a numeracy and business studies project, running over a whole day led by two experienced practitioners.

Recommended for Years 7-9 and GCSE (Max capacity = 40)

Hallé Impresarios is a Maths and Business Studies project for pupils in Year 7 through to students studying for their GCSEs. The project is run by former and current members of the Hallé’s administration team who will guide the pupils in designing their own concert to put on at The Bridgewater Hall with the Hallé. Each group will design a business plan, choose repertoire, solo artists and a conductor, budgeting and applying for funding, marketing their concert and evaluate any issues they encountered.

The students are given a fictitious Arts Council grant, a number of fixed costs and a number of variable costs with different options from which to choose. At the end of the day, students will be required to submit a written proposal and budget as well as making a 3-5 minute group presentation to a panel of judges.