Seashell’s links with the Hallé Orchestra stretch back over 25 years, and many children and young adults have been able to benefit from this relationship and discover the wonders of instrumental music.

On 14 July, the Hallé welcomed Seashell to Hallé St Peter’s for a relaxed concert, offering students and their families the opportunity to experience live instrumental music, in a calm and informal environment with none of the usual rules associated with classical concerts. Students were free to move around, talk and participate in whichever way they wished. There was also the unique chance to interact with Hallé players and hear the array of instruments in close contact.

There was a whole host of melodies played, from Georges Bizet and Tchaikovsky to a special Seashell Song, composed and performed in collaboration with the Hallé and Seashell with a verse specially created for each student.

Members of the orchestra took time to introduce the array of instruments in the orchestra and the types of sound each made, as well as the emotions the composers intended to evoke from each piece. The children and young adults at Seashell experience music by not only hearing, but also feeling the vibrations of strings and percussion, especially those with multisensory impairments.

Seashell Music Teacher, Greg Davies explained: “Communication and social barriers are broken down with music, and this was a tremendous opportunity for all students involved to be able to perform at the Hallé alongside some incredibly talented musicians.”

Music plays a powerful part in our lives and is particularly important for adults and children with additional needs as a means of communication. Find out more about the power of music therapy here.