It was about 10 minutes after I’d sat down for my first day in my new job as Hallé Choir Manager that the development team, in a pincer manoeuvre, had already signed me up for Team Hallé 2023. 11 minutes into the role and I knew I was going to be very happy here – it’s not often you feel like one of the team straight away, but there’s something about this place…

So after a few weeks of training I found myself pulling on the Team Hallé running top and heading into a sunny Manchester on a packed train. I had a feeling it was going to be a great day – I’ve done many runs in my time, but this was my first Manchester Great Run and the atmosphere was tangible even before I’d left Piccadilly. As it turned out The Bridgewater Hall was not only Team Hallé’s meeting point, but also Sir Mo’s warm-up track. Not wanting to show him up I did my warm-up elsewhere – this was his day after all.

The team on the day summed up the ethos of Hallé perfectly – everyone welcome, from musicians and admin staff to choir members, and whilst we all ran at our own pace, there was a great feeling of connectivity both within the team and with the thousands of people who had come to support the runners. Raising money for the important work of the Charles Hallé Foundation put an extra spring in my step, as did the fantastic Hallé Youth Orchestra musicians who were belting out some motivational magic just past the start line.

It was hot, very hot, so the celebratory Team Hallé pint at the end was inevitable and welcome. And what better way to round off a wonderful Manchester day than a chance encounter and lovely chat with our very own Andy!